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Play film Vexille 2077 on DVD or computer, buy batteries from CyberPower to house, optic line to house and be prepared - what comes in, must comes out.

Have nice day in peace what game Worlds Of Tanks making true.

AD2019 MICKEYsoftware for "mother of Good"

Many.Questions.For.Nothing;o)That word MATRIX is more about deth then hole Sheakspear.

2020-10-22 17:43 Today in afternoon hours take S.W.O.R.D. team reality of electroschock over.

2020-11-01 19:29 After few minuttes will popular and international operation of S.W.O.R.D. team with code-name Arbor in Butt End, which is specializationing to time-servers, what are placed all around the world, end. [2021-08-13 20:00 OpenG is switched ON!]

2021-07-14 11:38 After few hours ends now tank's battle on most importent place for women in Sibir. Golden dragons is winners at all. Putin cries! ;o)

2021-07-14 13:20 Now is starting tank battle between Russian tanks from 1967 and U.S. tanks from 1967 in {up-note}. Russians has a big advantage, but on the other side stands Golden Dragons. Theese tanks, on Sibir, is watting there from Big Cold War in 1967-1968 in past tens of heroes!

2021-08-06 11:50 Today ends I. etapa of peopleing or republicing of this world. Thanx to everybody for participations.

2021-08-14 ??:?? We want to start with our all childrens (fr100.000y), bots, Golden Dragons (our lava golden tanks), CS tanks T-50,67,68,89 and all we have from all times from you on Kamtchatka and raid to both directions. Thanx to everybody for participations (I'm dieing too).

2022-05-23 ??:?? Today was started testing of 5G all around the world. By fake of a leadership of our world - we have bad projects. So mobile net was corrected to design before (from ex-epocha) - so 5G protocol in 4G+3G net or frequencies. It's reserved by 51.000 of private data-centers by cca $200.000 one. Live & prosper in private!